BIOKARPET’S pure quality.


Whenever you open the door you feel a warm presence.


It is there to make more comfortable and enjoyable every moment of your life.

Every time that happens, the reason is the same: it is a Biokarpet’s creation.


It unfolds in front of you while you know that you are “taking a step” based on 57 years of experience and on our belief in everlasting values.


However, BIOKARPET is not just the largest Greek company producing and exporting carpets, nor just the largest company importing handmade carpets. Most of all it is the company that has every solution you are seeking for. A huge range of designs of handmade or machine-made carpets, allows you to combine the everlasting beauty of a classic design with a modern aesthetic, offering at the same time an optimal price-quality relasionship, because the best is not necessarily expensive.


 Every suggestion we make is a brand new idea waiting to suit your space. The choice… is yours.


Welcome to the world of BIOKARPET.